The Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia

Arcadia thrives with orchards of perfectly lined trees, ruler-straight streams, orderly fields, perfect roads, and cities laid out in geometrically pleasing shapes. The mountains are unblemished by erosion. Everything on Arcadia works toward the common good and a flawless form of existence. Here, purity is eternal, and nothing intrudes on harmony.

Night and day are determined by an orb that floats above Arcadia’s highest peak. Half of the orb radiates sunlight and brings about the day; the other half sheds moonlight and brings on the starry night. The orb rotates evenly without fail, spreading day and night across the entire plane.

The weather in Arcadia is governed by four allied demigods called the Storm Kings: the Cloud King, the Wind Queen, the Lightning King, and the Rain Queen. Each one lives in a castle surrounded by the type of weather that king or queen controls.

Hidden below Arcadia’s beautiful mountains are numerous dwarven kingdoms that have withstood the passage of millennia. Dwarves born on this plane are celestial and are always brave and kindhearted, but otherwise they look and behave like normal dwarves.