Wee Jas

Wee jas

The Witch Goddess, The Ruby Sorceress, The Stern Lady, Death’s Guardian

Wee Jas (wee jass), deity of death and magic, is most often portrayed as a stunning woman dressed in a beautiful gown, wearing some piece of jewelry with a skull motif. Wee Jas is a demanding deity who expects obedience from her followers. She respects Boccob, but the two do not have an alliance.


Wee Jas promotes using spells and magic items (though many of her followers insist she favors the creation of such things).

Wee Jas tells her followers that magic is the key to all things. Wee Jas promises that understanding, personal power, security, order, and control over fate come with the study of magic. She admonishes her followers to respect those who came before, because they left their knowledge and died to make room for them. She reminds them that death is inevitable, but she promises that their learning and memory will be honored by those who come after.

Clergy and Temples

Wee Jas’s priesthood has a strict hierarchy. Her clerics are known for their discipline and obedience to their superiors. Clerics of Wee Jas arbitrate disputes, give advice on magic, investigate magical curiosities, create magic items, and administer funerals. Clerics of lower level are expected to defer to ones of higher level at all times. They wear black or gray robes.

Temples to Wee Jas are few and far between, but she counts many powerful sorcerers and wizards (especially necromancers) among her worshipers. Most of her temples are located in or near graveyards or catacombs, and they always contain crypts where powerful wizards are buried. They also contain extensive libraries of arcane lore and large collections of items that once belonged to great wizards from past eras.


Wee Jas’s avatars always resemble stately and beautiful women, though they may be of any apparent age or ethnic type. She sends them to witness the funeral rites of famous wizards and to visit scenes of mass death.