The Uncaring, Lord of All Magics, Archmage of the Deities

The deity of magic, Boccob (bock-obb), appears as a handsome man of indeterminate age clad in loose purple garments. Shimmering golden runes that move and change cover his attire. He has few followers, but this fact does not seem to concern him in the least.

Along with Pelor, it is said that Boccob actively opposes the Ebon God Tharizdun and works to ensure that he remains imprisoned.


Boccob is a distant deity who promotes no special agenda, except proclaiming magic the most important force in the world — more vital than good, evil, law, or chaos. Most of his clerics observe strict neutrality. One missal advises Boccob’s followers to seek balance above good, evil, law, or chaos and to push back encroachments of good or evil.

This steadfast moderation in political, ethical, and philosophical affairs earns Boccob and his followers few friends. Nevertheless, Boccob’s worshipers are respected for their knowledge and magical prowess, and their advice is valued (if not always completely trusted).

Clergy and Temples

Boccob’s clerics favor purple garments with gold trim; many are cleric/wizards or cleric/sorcerers. Most remain aloof from worldly affairs and devote themselves to magical research and to formulating prophecies. They share their knowledge of the future only sparingly, lest someone get the upper hand and upset the balance. Boccob’s clergy actively creates magic items, which they usually sell to anyone with the cash to buy them. During war, Boccob’s clerics happily sell magic items to all sides. Many of Boccob’s clerics keep busy rooting out bits of magical lore, recovering lost magic items, and investigating mysteries. They adamantly oppose any attempt to destroy a magic item or any magical place.

Boccob’s temples are usually located in urban areas. The are always well fortified to withstand outside interference, and they house extensive libraries. Most are also well equipped with various scrying devices. The clergy use them to spot infiltrators and keep an eye on the surrounding area.

Visitors to a temple of Boccob usually get a cool greeting at best and are never truly welcomed unless they have some unusual magic item to offer for examination or money to spend on spells, magic items, or information.


Although Boccob can have up to twenty avatars at once, he seldom deigns to use them. Boccob’s avatars look much like he does: handsome, male humans who appear to be in their prime. They wear flowing purple garments trimmed with gold.