Ehlonna of the Forests, Goddess of the Woodlands

Ehlonna (eh-loan-nuh), the goddess of the woodlands, watches over all good people who live in the forest, love the woodlands, or make their livelihood there. She likewise protects forests and woodlands from destruction or overuse.


Ehlonna exhorts her followers to live in harmony with their woodland homes, taking only what they need. The bounty of the forest, Ehlonna teaches, is a gift to be cherished and appreciated, not a treasure to be coveted or looted. She is especially close to elves, gnomes, half-elves, and halflings. She is also worshiped by rangers and some druids.

Her penchant towards the alignment of Good, desiring the most beneficial conditions for living things in general and intelligent creatures in particular, often leads to clashes with Obad-Hai which believes that all of nature – law and chaos, good and evil – should be in balance.

Clergy and Temples

Ehlonna’s clerics usually choose serviceable attire of forest green. They live in forests and keep on friendly terms with the local rangers, druids, elves, and fey. They keep guard against encroachments by evil folk, loggers, and others who would exploit and ruin any woodland. When confronting anyone who would despoil a forest, they tend to be gentle but firm, at least at first. If the invaders persist, Ehlonna’s clerics can be ruthless in driving them out. Many of Ehlonna’s clerics take it upon themselves to teach woodcraft, plant trees, or both.

Woodland temples to Ehlonna are often open-air affairs with only trees for a roof. Small shrines to her are occasionally found in forest villages.


She sometimes appears as a raven-haired human and sometimes as an elf with golden tresses. Her garb varies, ranging from the serviceable clothing of a forester or ranger to the delicate gown of an elven princess, but it is always pale green. She sends her avatars to watch over woodlands and to remonstrate with beings who despoil woodlands or harass their residents.